1.- Diligently apply all the indications that your country (or region / state) has issued.

2.- Check, based on the rules set by your respective government, whether the Up2Me meeting
places are suitable and whether the appropriate tools are present to comply with each rule (gel,
place to wash hands, …)

3.- Inform the parents, and add in the consent to be signed, that the anti CoVid 19 rules must be
observed by the family. These precautions will also be applied by the adolescents and tutors
during the course.
For tutors who have to complete a course, that was interrupted due to the CoVid 19 pandemic, it is
advisable to evaluate whether to conclude it in person, or possibly online, taking into account the
age of the children and adapting the dynamics and program. In the latter case, it is mandatory
that parents sign an additional release form, which can be requested at Up2Me:

Up2Me Core Team