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A Project for a course in emotional/sexual education and a holistic, balanced (harmonious) development during the years pre- adolescense and adolescence (9-17)


The New Family Association Onlus (AFN), New Families Movement, Youth for Unity Movement of the Focolare Movement, Sophia University Institute Loppiano (Florence- Italy)



The holistic formation and harmonious growth of the person; the discovery and internalisation of the value of the emotional and sexual dimension.



The anthropological vision at the basis of the project is that of a “relational human being” . The ability to be in relationship is the essence of a human being, it is its ontological foundation.



The course for each age group begins with the detailed knowledge of the beauty and complexity of the human body. It then branches out in stages which facilitate both the development of relationships with oneself and with others and the discovery of one’s own life journey. In this way the adolescents formulate for themselves their own thoughts on the various themes/topics and can give reasons for their own choices while accompanied by the tutors capacity to listen and empathise. The involvement of parents is fundamental because besides being informed about UP2ME and giving consent to the participation of their children they could then attend a parallel course of formation if they so wish.



Amongst the many problems which pre adolescents and adolescents are sometimes faced with today there are:

( i ) a certain emotional fragility

(ii ) a reduced ability to make choices gearing towards a plan in life.

(iii ) the fragmentation or lack of traditional educational agencies.

All these challenges can contribute to the struggle for the teenager to find valid points of reference.


Parents for various reasons are not always prepared to adequately take on the emotional and sexual formation of their own children. The information received in school or by the media (which are often the most influential in this area) in some cases doesn’t educate according to the value of the integrity of the person, nor educate in taking responsibility for choices and codes of behaviour.

The needs which emerge in the adolescent – such as discovering their own identity, growing in self esteem, understanding themselves as free persons yet aware of their own limitations, exercising responsibly their own freedom whilst aware of the social and cultural conditioning, discovering the true value of each person, formulating answers for their own fundamental, meaningful questions – require a synergy between the family and the other educational agencies.

The teaching units of UP2ME take into consideration these six dimensions of the human being : physiological, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, personal and environmental background.



  • Pre- adolescents & adolescents grouped into three age brackets: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17
  • Parents of the participants involved in the course of formation



The layout is in stages with the following common features:

  • 10-12 sessions with the duration of 2-3 hrs each
  • In groups of 10-12 boys/girls similar in age according to age brackets above
  • Frequency- every 2/3 weeks with the possibility of residential weekends
  • 2 tutors a man and a woman, preferably married, to coordinate the course and accompany the participants. The tutors would be supported, according to the needs, by a team of professionals.



  • a greater self awareness and renewed wonder in the beauty and value of life.
  • the discovery of the ontological principle of a “relational being” and the value of sexuality
  • a greater awareness of cultural conditioning
  • an increased self esteem
  • a desire for responsible choices
  • authentic and lasting relationships
  • sensibilisation and involvement of families in educational development



The three courses are co-ordinated by tutors who can avail of experts in the various specialist topics (doctors, psychologists…)

The tutors are adequately prepared and qualified during a compulsory residential training course (duration 5/6 days) given by an international team of professionals in the various endeavours of human sciences. At the end of the training course the tutors, who pass the final test, receive the course material which includes practical and theoretical methodology for their formation.

For the effective implementation and verification of the UP2ME course continuous  supervision is necessary between the tutors and the project management team.




International central team: composed of professionals in psychology,  sociology, bioethics, philosophy, medicine, sexuality, pedagogy, spirituality, anthropology, morality and social media.

Scientific commission: composed of university lecturers working in public and private universities of different nations

Coordinating staff with various general tasks.



The first training of tutors in November 2015 marked the beginning of the 1st phase of implementation of the project. This will be for the duration of 1year.

The tutors contribution and feedback will be useful for the verification and further development of the teaching units by the end of 2016.

UP2ME presentation outline

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